Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best and worst of Customer Experience

Within the last 24 hours, I have had a great and a not so great digital customer experience. The great was a helpful email from AT&T. My iPhone4 met it's demise on a tile bathroom floor Thursday evening and Friday morning found me with a shiny new iPhone 5S.

A few days later (could have been sooner), I got a helpful email. It started with this "hey, we know you and thanks for your business" type of message which I appreciate.

Thanks for choosing us again. Let us help you discover what your phone can do.
The email continued with some helpful suggestions on where to go for more information. The only frustrating part was that I didn't remember my password and they use those absurd questions such as "your childhood best friend" - which I failed. I KNOW my childhood best friend but did I use her first name or first and last? It is case sensitive? Whatever the answer, I never did get it right and had to do a full password reset. Sigh.  

My contacts were transferred and my voicemail is set, but I appreciate that they wanted to get me started. Again, my only issue is that this was a almost 4 days after I bought the phone.

We hope you're enjoying your new phone. To make sure
you've got the basics covered—from setting up your
phone to managing your account—we've provided some
helpful tips below. If you have any questions, just visit
us online
First things first
If you haven't already, here's how to:
• Transfer contacts
• Set up voicemail
Get to know your phone
Explore your phone's features at the
Device How-To Center with:
• Video, interactive and step-by-step tutorials
• Troubleshooting tips

Get the How-To's

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