Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CHIfoo - Gretchen Anderson on Collaborative Spaces

On Wednesday, September 2, Gretchen Anderson from Lunar Design in San Francisco, CA came up to Portland to talk about collaborative spaces and how design teams work. She talked about the need to generate ideas and how important it is for "idea people" to have a space to post, comment on and contemplate their work.

She gave a few great examples of how a space or experience is defined how you arrive in it (citing Ziba's new HQ here in Portland as a great example). Other important reminders included getting out of your computer/2D space in your cube and adding some ritual to your worklife to help bound work time/brainstorm time and even break time.

To hear her full talk and see the notes I took (by clicking on a word, you can start the recording from any place in the talk.) Please see: The LiveScribe Website for this recording.

More on the Live Scribe soon!