Thursday, April 1, 2010

Women in Design - Go North

Last night, Office PDX hosted a Women in Design talk at North - a creative brand agency. It is interesting to hear that there is still discrimination and a feeling that it is somehow different to be a woman than a man in the workplace. Of utmost interest to this 5 foot tall design researcher is the fact that each woman who spoke who was in a major position of power, was also 6 feet or taller!

Nevertheless, we had a lively talk and Q & A session. Below are a few pictures of the gorgeous interior of this space which is creatively inspirational in and of itself.

Zillions of post-it notes adorned the walls in the copy room for this beautiful, feathery effect.

North's cool digs and their floating conference room. I'd stay at work all day to be in this relaxing space!

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