Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exit Interview - Dating

Photo by Mike DelGaudio - Flickr

For the most part, I try very hard to keep my personal and professional life separate. However, I had a recent experience that made me want to merge the two. A man I had been dating decided to end things. Happens all the time. (ok, not all the time to me per say, but it happens every day in the world...) But it left me wondering... I like information, I like data. It's fine to end things, but I really wanted more information. Why? What happened? How do you feel?

What if the dating industry took a page from the user experience book? What if, upon ending a marriage, relationship, or friendship, we were given a contextual interview to help us understand how to be a better spouse, partner or friend?

It might look like this:

Intro (tongue planted firmly in cheek):

Before we part ways, I wonder if I can have a few minutes of your time to ask a few questions. You will in no way be reimbursed for your time, but we've gotten this far, so what's a few more minutes?

Nothing you say to me will be confidential, so keep that in mind.

How long did we date?

What first attracted you to me?

Please share with me a really wonderful memory you have of us spending time together.

Please share with me a really unhappy memory you have of us spending time together.
What is one really annoying thing about me?

What is one really wonderful thing about me?

What worked in this relationship?

What didn't work in this relationship?

What is the one thing that made you decide to end this relationship?

Thinking back to the beginning of this relationship, what changed between then and now?

And, wait for it...the magic wand question...if you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

Thanks for participating. Now be on your way and have a nice life.
You might choose to add a diary study or participatory design phase, but I wouldn't push your luck :-).


Emily K. Callaghan said...

This is fantastic, Janna. I just spotted you on twitter, and now enjoying catching up on the blog.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. Good business idea for the online dating sites - they could coordinate and tally your feedback for you... hmmm...