Monday, March 24, 2008

Bathroom Bablyon

Continuing on the theme of bathrooms....I have a number of photos I've taken in bathrooms over the years. There are always interesting design and user experience moments hiding behind bathroom doors.
This one in particular was posted in a toilet in Greece. The fascinating user experience in this country is that they ask you to throw used toilet paper into a basket next to the toilet and flush only bio materials. I imagine this is best for the sewage systems. It's really important, yet unfamilar to westerners from both the US and Europe (and I imagine others, though I'm not as fluent in their bathroom habits).
Realizing the importance, but also wanting to put their country on the proverbial map, visitors from all over the world have attempted a service for their fellow travelers by translating this request into any number of languages. My favorite being "don't chuck the bog roll down the loo."

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