Monday, January 10, 2011

Eye-Fi - Best of CES Photo and Video

This product excites me both personally and professionally. The Eye-Fi won the Best of CES Photo and Video category. Walking through the show, many of the products seem to blend together and everyone seems to be working on the same few problems.

While walking through the show, I preferred to use my digital camera rather than my phone since it's still a better camera. But, the drawback is the lack of connection. If I wanted to send an immediate Tweet or Facebook update, I had to switch over and use my iPhone camera and its wireless capability.

The Eye-Fi solves all of that! Using your existing camera, users simply swap out their existing SD card for a the Eye-Fi which allows any digital camera to become wireless. Their website helps you quickly and easily discover whether their cards will work in your camera. Alas, my point and shoot Olympus has a proprietary XD card and is not compatible.

With the Eye-Fi card, you can wirelessly upload to your computer and any number of web sites including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or YouTube. Because your camera is NOT a computer, you will need to choose one application for uploading and won't be able to pick and choose for each photo.

Other cool features: The Eye-Fi also offers Geotagging (a must have for some, but personally, I don't want every photo I upload to instantly be able to show my location). The premium cards also offer hotspot access where you can use Starbucks, airport and some hotel wifi for upload access.

I do have one other camera, a nicer one I take out on occasion. I may have to invest in this and give it a whirl!

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