Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Patient Focused Care

blue screen with dataHealth systems are spending more and more time reviewing the "user experience" and the full patient experience to place themselves above and beyond other competitors.
Kaiser Permanente was cited in an Opinion piece in the New York times by Allison Arieff. She discusses Kaiser's focus on the patient, and their research which illuminated issues of wayfinding, patient control and even the need to remove dying plants to make the entire atmosphere reflect the "Thrive" motto.
Paul Bennett of IDEO presented on their findings at TED discussing the simple insight that patients spend an extraordinary amount of time staring at the ceiling in the hospital and shared some ways which the hospital team attempted to waylay that boredom.
In addition, if you haven't seen it, Bridget Duffy, former Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic gives a brilliant talk at GEL Health. She discusses how important the patient experience is in health care including a great conversation about their re-design of a patient gown.
That said, we would love to help your team with needs finding, qualitative hospital and patient research or product research to continue to be the best you can be.

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