Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Disaster Relief

I ran across information today pointing me to the site Displaced Designer. AIGA is the main host of Displaced Designer, but what if all of the design communities came together for large or small relief when our colleagues need a hand?

The site is a great idea, but seemingly on the back burner. The posts are largely from the Katrina era 2005-06, with a new call for 2008 and anyone in Texas in need of assistance. Unfortunately, the pages to offer or request help are currently non-functional and contact information is invisible.

That said...one wonders if the current economy will bring about similar sites where we can offer housing to a designer who needs to work out of town temporarily just to be able to work at all, offer meals to one another and general support or advice.

AIGA did it, but can the design community as a whole pull together for a comprehensive support network? It would be wonderful to try.

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