Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everyone Old is Young Again

Courtesy of: SparkleGlowplug

Wednesday was my first day back at the gym after breaking my leg. I hobbled in and hoped for the best. After doing 20 steady minutes on the stationary bike as instructed by my physical therapist, I headed to the downstairs to do use the weight machines.

As I walked down, I realized there was a "Silver Sneakers" class, an exercise class focused on seniors. Here's where it got interesting. These seniors all seemed to have working limbs. My 41 year old self was only able to walk with the assistance of a cane.

I moved into the room with the weight machines and at a break in the class, the seniors did too. I was doing minimum weight on many machines, they were doing a few more. As I did my sit ups and listened to their conversation, I heard talk of friends and foes, email and technology (some love it, some hate it). The best bit I overheard was the woman who said,"I don't have a computer or a cell phone, I don't like technology, heck I don't even have a dishwasher!"

But the interesting thing was how vital, interesting and interested this group was, and how frail I felt in their presence. It's a great testament to the aging population that they are like a group of teenagers, having conversations about email and sharing ideas about technology, their friends and how much weight they can lift. May we all live to enjoy a healthy retirement.
By then we may all be marveling at/complaining about too much brainmail and what a pain it is when all of this communication traffic comes in through our implanted receivers that allow calls and letters to automatically pop up right in our eyes and ears.

Of course, in Japan, they have it all figured out and will be using new technology to help the elderly gain needed strength. Who needs the gym when you have a RoboSuits. 'Nuf said.

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