Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Video for the greater good

Video is a medium used for fun, persuasion, entertainment and documentation. As designers and researchers, we often use video to tell our story. It's a persuasive marketing tool, within a group or to a client, to share edited video that allows the end user to really tell his/her story directly.
Today I ran across a group using video in another unique way.
The American Refugee Committee (ARC) International is arming women and girls (and men) with video cameras to directly address the issues of "gender based violence". With these cameras, the community is making their own videos based on their own experiences and knowledge. This is apparently having a profound effect on the communities understanding of and talking about the numerous events of rape, forced marriage and wife beating.
This Through Their Eyes program gives a voice to many who may have otherwise lived with these secrets their whole lives. It is now documented, on video and made real to the community empowering others to step forward and tell their story. Hopefully, reducing the amount of stories in the future.
Another great example of technology empowering people all over the world and a nod to the power of video, made by real people for real outcomes.

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