Getting Creative

Here we are already at week #2! It turned out to be a whirlwind week. I focused a lot on getting my newly minted business up and running and of course networking and applying for jobs. I worked a number of 12 hour days this week, so much for my relaxing time of unemployment.

The Stats

  • 17+ hours of patternmaking and sewing
  • 4 networking meetings
  • 3 jobs applied for
  • 1 job talk

The Stitch Is Back
It's official! I've grabbed the name on Instagram and Facebook, so it must be true. I'll be making and selling a line of fashionable polar fleece apparel. I love fleece but don't want to always look like I'm going for a hike! Thus, this clothing line. Check out the Facebook page or follow on Instagram @thestitchisbackpdx for all of the details.

Mock up from new pattern

Scarf designs
This week ended up in what felt like boot camp for fashion designers. I signed up for a class to create a pattern in 4 nights for 3 hours a night. It was a crazy week, but wow, I did it! I now have the pattern I've wanted for years.

I also managed to sew up a few scarves and get some advice from an amazing woman who is a partner in Layneau Lingerie. Her work is insanely beautiful. She was so open about sharing process, explaining tear sheets and laydowns and how to go about next steps. Did I mention she made my wedding ring? A truly talented soul.

I also was connected to a woman who seems to be my brain double. Molly Fuller works in health care and is creating a line of compression clothing to help autistic kids. Check out her work. Molly is a finalist in the InnovateHER challenge. Good luck Molly! 

The Job Hunt
The business is intended as a side project, so I continue to search for a great fit for my next gig. I started the week at the unemployment office which was an experience in and of itself. It had the expected dull gray furniture and cubicles, but also the unexpected experience of an agent who actually knows about user experience and specialized in hi-tech workers. I had NO idea. He even has a great webpage listing jobs in hi-tech.

I met with a trend analyst (hoping we can do one big primary and secondary research project together), presented my research work to a potential employer and had coffee with another potential contract opportunity.

I keep threatening to start a coffee shop rating service, as that's my office du jour right now. (Grand Central on Fremont = great coffee, great service. Village Coffee in Multnomah = cute and quiet. Seven Virtues on Sandy = Delicious GF bagels and serves the new shi-shi Cortada coffee).

Proving that social media works, I also re-connected with a colleague from many years ago who is looking for consulting support. Have I mentioned that I love my network?

That's it! Until next week...


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