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When the Going Gets Rough...

Quiet, repetitive handwork soothes my soul.  It's Friday of a four-day work week. I should wake up ready for the day and excited for the weekend. Instead, I'm burnt out from a week of churn at work and then wake up to the dreadful news that Roe v Wade is being overturned and women and families everywhere have to carry the burden of unwanted pregnancies, potentially unsafe pregnancies, a lifetime of remembering a rapist and paying for a child whose mouth you know you cannot feed. What do you do? That's the question I put to my mentor today when we had our allotted time slot. We were both tired from the week and gutted by the news of the day. Over my many years of life, I have created a toolbox of things to do when I get stressed, but sometimes, in the moment, it really helps to hear from others and remember that we all have the tools to move forward. Reach out. The first thing I did this morning was reach out to friends, family and even got vocal in our internal slack channe

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