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These are a few of my favorite resources

Whether you are looking for your next job in design research, looking to add to your knowledge base, or just looking for something to do on a cold, winter, quarantine day; the following resources may be of interest! Books In no particular order, some of my all-time favorites as well as some new favorites. Where possible, I've linked to non-Amazon sources.  On my desk, waiting to be read: The Power of Not Thinking by Simon Roberts A good book with essays by prominent researchers: Design Research by Brenda Laurel What I consider the end to end UX+R bible: Design for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin A good book for examples to make a case to have Design Research in your company: Subject to Change by Adaptive Path A very dense read, (I struggle with the amount of text in this book) but focused specifically on healthcare: Design for Care by Peter Jones Special Interest Orgs focusing on UXR Publishers   O'Reilly  - they have a focus on tech and business including design Rosenfel

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