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How to get Hred as a Senior or Lead UX Researcher

A few months ago, my friend Amy Santee and I were out for a walk and having one of our frequent talks about work. She is a coach, helping UXers with their careers, and I work in a company where I am hiring a new UX Research team. We had the idea to do a talk or a panel, and in true Amy fashion she ran with the ball and got set up to do a panel conversation in September. (shout out to Matthew Oliphant and PDXHCD   for the sponsorship) Amy was the moderator and I,  Janaina Pantoja and Prakriti Parijat  were panelists.   We were thrilled to have approximately 70 people signed up to attend this event. Clearly there is a need to help more Senior and Lead UX researchers land that next position. It was a fairly long panel conversation so I won't get to get into every topic here. Being on the panel I didn't take copious notes and can't attribute any idea to one particular person but please know that many of these ideas were shared across panelists. The Big Theme One overarching

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